Not a Job. Not a Career. A Mission!
Thank you for your interest in Mission Yogurt, Inc.

Mission Yogurt Inc. is build upon a team that has a goal of “wowing” its restaurant guests. Every day. Every time. We want to make it clear that Mission Yogurt is here to grow and expand. To become stronger every day. This will happen only with dedicated people like you.

We are based upon the concept of diversity. That delivering an exceptional customer experience happens when a globally diverse group, becomes Team Members to focus on common goals. Steady growth, developing the best team in the industry, and providing an elite customer experience to the traveling public.

So, let’s make your career grow. Together. Please see the list of open positions by visiting the link below for exciting opportunities with Mission Yogurt. As a company, Mission Yogurt is ready to grow, get ready and grow with it.

Download the following PDF files below:

Mission Yogurt, Inc. CO Employment Application
Mission Yogurt, Inc. CA Employment Application
Smokin’ Bear LLC Employment Application
Que Bueno! LLC Employment Application
Mission San Jose Airport, LLC Employment Application

Email questions, resumes, and applications to: